About the Perennial Student

Every time one learning opportunity finishes, another one begins.  

Learning doesn't have to be a formal, schooling thing.  Everything in life is about learning, whether it is relationships and parenthood, another qualification from some institution, or simply taking things on board from experience and mistakes.

I have done - and continue to do - all of these things, and I think it is important that I will keep doing this in the future.  I also believe that anyone else can too.

I am a wife, mother and teacher.  I have been a career woman, a housewife, a student, and a working mum.  I have studied across 25 years in various institutions, and gained some qualifications - both undergrad and postgrad - and not gained others.  I have possibly learned more about myself from the qualifications not gained.

I like to know 'stuff'; the less relevant, the better.

In addition to doing lots of learning, I mountainbike, run and do fitness classes;  obviously I love to read, especially SF and classic fantasy; and I enjoy cooking. I have a vege garden, a dog and four chickens.  And a family - the husband and two Toads; one pink, one blue.

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